It could've been worse

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Christ Behind the Wheel


If Christ was alive today

he would drive a Greyhound bus

If you have ever taken that ride

you will know that I am on

to something with this


He would be hardly pressed

to find a more densely packed

sick and desperate collection

of humanity outside

of a favela in Rio

which god knows is

where he really ought to be.


But Jesus and America belong together

we have always will always must always

believe in the elusive

undeserved second chance

and inevitable final destiny

written in stars whose names we don’t know

and always awaiting our arrival

in the next state


We must believe the destination

will have made the journey

worth the ticket’s price


Soft Spot


If you find the soft spot in yourself

what do you do with it?

I mean the spot where you believe.


Do you forget it like the call you would

make to your mother?

Ignore it like a student loan bill

or your aching wisdom teeth?


Or maybe do you care for it

as some would an adopted child

Not your own blood

but close enough

to where it doesn’t seem to matter?

Sing Then Dance Then


I want to hear your voice

like a scratchy 78

low and strange

the first recording

of a doghouse bass



without time

waking me in the morning

like bacon frying


Years of revolution

and for what–

a slow dance when the weather

is warm at last

Something to wash

the dishes to

night after night


Moments passing

in 4/4 time

but occasionally there is another

unsettling beat–snaketime

is what Moondog called it


Someone has said this before

and better

but still I cannot help myself

and the record keeps spinning

as though it was not I who

dropped the needle

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